How scary is Psycho Path as the scream park attraction launches ahead of Halloween

The North East’s ‘fearground’ Psycho Path has opened once again ahead of Halloween – and it’s definitely not for the fainthearted.

Psycho Path is the North East's biggest scare park
Psycho Path is the North East's biggest scare park

Psycho Path has returned to Lintz Hall Farm in Burnopfield for its third year after the event was cancelled last year following the pandemic – and it did not disappoint.

The site is surprisingly big, with four scare attractions in total along with a ‘Stage Fright’ where spooky live performances keeps guests entertained in between the scares.

You’re not allowed to take photos or film around the site so that the scares remain a secret, but what I can tell you is yes, it is scary.

Tickets are now on sale for Psycho Path in Newcastle throughout October.

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    It’s creepy from the outset, pulling up to an eerie sign in the middle of nowhere as it’s beginning to turn dark is a little bizarre.

    I don’t think I had fully prepared myself for the evening until we queued in almost darkness and could hear the sound of an occasional scream before entering the main barn.There are several creepy ‘characters’ that wander around to get you pumped – they will follow you around if you’re not careful.

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    The four scares have no time allocations so everyone just queues up for each one when they’re feeling brave enough.

    Before deciding what scare to try first, be warned, when those doors shut you have to get to the other side, they won’t let you out.

    Isolation is intense and I recommend doing this first to get it out the way – I quite literally came running out screaming when a creepy character told me they would ‘cut off my blonde locks if I didn’t run’.

    I kid you not, I even saw a clown drag a girl inside when she refused to enter – just as a side note they are allowed to touch you!

    Outdoor maze Corn-ered only opens when the sun goes down so that you wander around the 2.5 acres of cornfields in complete darkness.

    The outdoor maze gets busy very quickly so get in there as soon as you can to avoid huge queues.

    Psycho Path is full of jump scares and strange characters at every turn so my advice is watch your back.

    Tickets are now on sale for dates up to October 31 at