55 films to watch while the weather is miserable outside

Which film will you watch tonight? Picture: Pixabay.
Which film will you watch tonight? Picture: Pixabay.

The weather outside is (sort of) frightful - so it's the perfect time to snuggle up on the sofa with a good film for company.

But what sort of thing should you watch?

We asked you, the readers, to tell us which films you sit down and watch over and over again - and you came in your dozens to tell us the top picks!

So if you're trying to decide what to switch on tonight, take a look at our reader recommendations.

From comedy and drama to action and horror - there must be something here you'd like!

Mark Mchale: The Star Wars or Transformers franchises

Anthony Bell: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

John Graham: The Life Of Brian

Craig Stott: Frozen

John Thirwell: Death Sentence

Karen Ridley: The Holiday

Ken Ogle: The Shawshank Redemption

Steven Bewick: The Green Mile

Andrea Jackson: The Godfather

Sylvia Weetman: Bridget Jones's Diary

Mary Chapman: Grease

Gaynor Cliff: Whiplash

Pam Johnson: The Quiet Man

Asa James Smith: Blazing Saddles

Glyn Dixon: Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit franchises

Si Telford: Scarface

Yvonne Foffy Moulding: The Bourne series

Jad Ibrahim: Braveheart

Gary Parkin: Stand By Me

Kathleen Bowmaker: Dirty Dancing

Dorothy Stockdale Webb: The Negotiator

Linda Johnson: Silence of the Lambs

Colin Branthwaite: The Searchers

Darrel Rush: Spartacus

Paul Murphy: The Martian

Bernadette Cummings: Some Like It Hot

Becka Lesca: Jurassic Park

Graeme Wharton: Happy Feet

James Woolford: Mrs Doubtfire

Heka Mick: Bambi

Finn Robson: The Harry Potter series

Matty Palin: Cool Runnings

Elaine Davidson: Elf

Paul Burnicle: K9

Kirsty Steele: Top Gun

Dave Taylorson: Robocop

Simon Merritt: Toy Story

Keighley Burnett: Jaws

Michael Sanderson: Groundhog Day

Simon Keenan: The Breakfast Club

Neil Robinson: War Games

Sarah Whitelaw: Predator

Mick Durnion: Friday the 13th

Joanne Elliott: Pearl Harbour

Julez Rutter: Blues Brothers

Margaret Brown: The Railway Children

Susan Sinclair: Ghost

Glenys Bainbridge: Frankie and Johnny

Sam Doyle: White House Down

Greg Hildreth: Anchorman

Rog Hildreth: High Fidelity

John Stead: Monsters Inc

Julie Hindmarch: Titanic

Jen Blair: The Goodies

Alan Jones: Quadrophenia