CINEMA REVIEW: Child 44 (15)

CONFUSING PLOT ... Tom Hardy in Child 44.
CONFUSING PLOT ... Tom Hardy in Child 44.

YOU might want to brush up on your Russian history before going to see Child 44.

The filmmakers seem to have assumed that everyone in the audience has an in depth knowledge of the history and politics of Soviet Russia.

Without this, I felt completely lost in the context.

Half of the time, I just didn’t have a clue what was going on and therefore I didn’t really have the option of enjoying it.

The film had too many layers to it and it was extremely difficult to follow the storyline.

It felt like some characters weren’t introduced properly and before you knew who they were, they were gone.

However, later in the film they’d suddenly come back to play an integral role in what was happening and I found myself without a clue as to who they were and why they were doing what they were doing.

Child 44 stars Tom Hardy as Leo Demidov, a security officer in the Soviet Union during Stalin’s reign.

He uncovers a series of child murders but his Communist bosses refuse to believe that a killer is out there because Russia’s stance is that “there is no murder in paradise”.

The thriller is based on Tom Rob Smith’s bestselling novel, but for me, the film fell completely flat.

Not even Tom Hardy’s smouldering good looks were enough to make up for the confusing plot.

I can appreciate however that Hardy’s performance was a good one. His Russian accent seemed natural and believable, but the same cannot be said for some of the actors, who slipped out of theirs every now and again.

If you’re big on the history of Soviet Russia, then this is probably the film for you, but if you’re not, you’ll probably find yourself as confused as I was.

Child 44 is out now. See it at Cineworld Boldon. Click here to book tickets.

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