CINEMA REVIEW: Jupiter Ascending (12A)

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COSMOS-SPANNING sci-fi flick Jupiter Ascending is the latest offering from the directors of the Matrix trilogy.

The futuristic film follows Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), a cleaner who has always dreamed she was destined for great things.

Little does she know, she is the rightful owner of the Earth and is at the centre of a war between rival galactic dynasties.

Genetically-modified Caine (Channing Tatum) arrives on Earth to track her down and reveal her true identity.

But she has a battle on her hands in order to claim what is rightfully hers from the malevolent Balem (Eddie Redmayne), who currently owns the title to the planet.

The film is visually stunning, packed with absolutely mind-blowing effects and gorgeous scenery, but it wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped.

The trailer made the film look completely gripping, but unfortunately, it was a little slow in parts.

Kunis, of course, is as beautiful and talented as ever, and Redmayne’s walk on the dark side is interesting, although some audience members sniggered at his raspy bad-guy voice.

Perhaps in a ploy to keep the girls in the audience entertained, Tatum spent a large majority of the film shirtless.

They were probably on to something with that, although his wolfy hair and beard and pointed ears were less than attractive.

I didn’t dislike Jupiter Ascending, it was more than watchable, but I doubt I’ll be rushing to buy it on DVD.

Jupiter Ascending is out now. See it at Cineworld Boldon. Click here too book tickets.

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