CINEMA REVIEW: Project Almanac (12A)

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SCI-FI adventure Project Almanac takes a sharp look at the consequences of time travelling.

After teenage genius David (Jonny Weston) finds an old home movie of his seventh birthday party and spots his now-self in the background, he decides to investigate.

After a little digging around, he discovers the plans to a time machine in his basement – left there by his late father – and decides to build it with his friends.

The clever pals use an Xbox and an iPhone, as well as some illegally-acquired chemicals, to construct the device and are amazed to find it actually works.

They have fun zipping back in time to beat bullies, attend a music festival, do better in school and even win the lottery.

But they soon learn that going back to change things in the past can have a ripple effect on the future and some major consequences.

The film, from producer Michael Bay of Transformers fame, is really fun and the young cast is fantastic.

Effects are stunning and the documentary-style shooting gives it a brilliantly authentic feel.

A film like this really makes you think about what you would do if you had the ability to time travel.

The majority of the film was really gripping, but I did find myself daydreaming at times.

Similar to The Butterfly Effect, the characters keep jumping back in time to try and fix the problems they’ve created, only to leave even more in their path.

Time travelling is a tricky business, and clearly something that the teens shouldn’t take too lightly.

Something that seems inconsequential can cause major disruptions in the present, something that the friends have to learn the hard way.

Project Almanac is out now. See it at Cineworld Boldon. Click here to book tickets.

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