Inside the soaps: The latest on EastEnders, Corrie, Emmerdale, Neighbours, Home And Away & Hollyoaks

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WONDERING what’s happening in the week’s soaps? Here’s a heads-up, with a little help from Inside Soap magazine.


Bianca hits rock bottom this week, as her money troubles push the family to breaking point.

And after tensions explode between her and Carol, a chaotic string of events forces Bianca to resort to desperate measures – that later see her leaving the Square ...

Elsewhere, Shirley is left heartbroken following another bust-up with Phil, prompting Derek to take advantage of the situation.

Will Shirley be tempted to find comfort in the arms of another man?

Meanwhile, Tanya opens up to Max, and she confesses her fears she’ll never be the woman she was before.

Moved by her words, Max arranges a romantic evening for his love – will this be a fresh start for the couple? Finally, Whitney struggles with her insecurities over her relationship with Tyler.


Audrey suffers a heart attack this week, after a bitter row erupts at the salon between her, David and Kylie.

As he blames himself, David apologises to his gran as she comes round, but how will a frail Audrey react to his plea?

Elsewhere, Sally and Kevin rekindle their relationship, and daughter Sophie is hopeful they’ll get back together.

However, when Sally is left holding the baby and Jack begins to cry, can she cope with her decision?

Meanwhile, the street residents gather in protest after they learn about Terry’s seedy new business that’s due to open.

But after Kirsty joins the campaign, the locals are shocked when a DCI arrives and threatens to arrest each and every one of them ...

Also, Karl is disappointed when Stella forgets his birthday.


Disgraced Ashley is arrested this week, after he storms into the Woolpack and confesses his sins to the rest of the village.

After a horrified Laurel tells him to leave, Ashley camps out at the church and awakes to the sound of sirens outside ... will he be sent down for his actions?

Elsewhere, Ruby and Rachel are delighted to learn that Ali enjoyed her literacy class, but Sean is bullied by his mates at school after the gossip spreads.

Meanwhile, Declan is intent on tracking down his nephew after Megan makes it clear that she’s grieving over the son she gave up at birth.

But as Declan searches to hire a private detective, will Megan be reunited with her boy? Also, Chas calls time on her fling with Cameron.


Rhys makes his move on Jade this week, after he spies the perfect opportunity to come between her and Kyle.

When he helps Jade at her Singles’ Boot Camp, he plays upon her insecurities and goes in for more. Will Jade accept his offer?

Meanwhile, Michael realises that his relationship with Tash has reached breaking point after she rejects him, and demands that he leaves her alone.

However, Tash doesn’t realise that Michael plans to depart Erinsborough for good.

Elsewhere, Sonya is left shocked when she questions Charlotte over Toadie’s extra working hours, and discovers that he requested the overtime.

Disappointed, Sonya vows to avoid confrontation in a bid to help with their conception efforts. Also, Karl’s male pride takes a beating from Jessica.


April is left distraught this week, after news gets back to Bianca that gossip surrounding the baby’s father has been circulating, prompting her to cut April out of her life.

But when Liam catches wind of the news, will he and Bianca be able to save their troubled marriage?

Meanwhile, Casey questions Henri’s relationship with Heath after he shows up at one of their tutoring sessions, and takes comfort from her advice.

But when Casey confronts Henri, she confirms her feelings and stuns him with a kiss.

Elsewhere, Margaret is arrested after she’s reported by Sid for poisoning Alan.

And when Alan discovers the truth about his attempted murder, all hell breaks loose.

Finally, Ruby struggles to cope with Romeo and Indi’s relationship, and runs into surfer Steve’s arms…


Brendan is left furious this week, after he returns home from a business trip to discover that Joel and Bart have held a disastrous club night at Chez Chez.

When trouble brews between Joel and Callum, a fight breaks out – will Joel ever be able to steer clear of problems?

Elsewhere, Phoebe’s mum, Mel, arrives in Chester following Phoebe’s arrest.

However, when Phoebe reveals a shocking truth about her mother, Jacqui knows that she must act fast.

Meanwhile, Ste turns his hand to online dating, and good-willed Doug helps him out with his profile.

However, it’s clear that Doug is struggling to fight his feelings for his friend.

Also, Mitzeee gives Sinead a stylish new makeover!

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