The week in Soaps

WHAT’S happening in your favourite soap next week by Inside Soap’s Steven Murphy.


Tanya and the rest of the Branning family are left delighted this week, after her MRI scan comes back with the all clear! However, as the celebrations begin to get under way, Tanya can’t help but worry about her cancer returning…

Across the Square, Ian is left floored when Ben confesses that his statement about his imprisoned father Phil is a pack of lies. But when the chip shop owner tries to persuade his brother to do the right thing, will Ben admit the truth to DCI Marsden?

Elsewhere, Heather’s hen night is in full swing, but the bride-to-be is having second thoughts about her future husband after he confesses a dark secret from his past. And when proud Dot toasts to the couple’s future, Heather’s consumed with doubts… Also, Roxy is horrified to discover she has nits!


Tension is rife on the Street this week as the finger of suspicion points in Carla’s direction, and the police are hot on her trail as they investigate Frank’s murder.

But when Peter makes a shocking confession, will Leanne go to the cops?

Elsewhere, after attempting to take Rita for a ride, Karl tries to flirtatiously tempt Sunita into a night at the casino. And when she arrives home to a snoring Dev, Sunita reconsiders her earlier offer…

Meanwhile, Kylie and Brian are embroiled in a bitter war after she hands Max and Amy junk food at break time, despite the strict school rules. But when Brian pushes Kylie too far, she makes sure he gets the message…

Finally, Eileen agrees to support Paul’s plans for Lesley.


Holly dices with death this week, as struggles to cope with the grief over her father’s death and goes to score some heroin. However, she accidentally overdoses, and unlikely hero Cain comes to her rescue – will she recover?

Elsewhere, Ashley’s frustrations over an ailing Sandy intensify after young Arthur chokes on one of his grandfather’s model boat pieces. And as Ashley arranges for them all to visit a potential care home, Sandy fears the worst…

Meanwhile, when Pollard catches Amy and Victoria gossiping to Brenda, he fumes and ends up sacking the pair. And as his stress levels reach boiling point, Pollard finds comfort in the café worker. Also, Megan tries to strike a deal with Declan.


Concerns grow for Kate’s safety this week, and the mystery over her whereabouts drives Paul to pressure Erin into revealing where she is. He races to Port Douglas to find her leaving on a cruise ship – but will he stop her in time?

Elsewhere, Kate’s disappearance also causes a rift in Jade and Kyle’s relationship, after he becomes anxious about his friend. But when he vows to search for her, Jade is stunned, and considers their future as a couple…

Meanwhile, when Michael plans to report Summer for cheating in her exams, Summer hunts him down and tries to persuade him otherwise – but will it be enough?


The investigation into Stu’s murder continues this week, and after Alan is questioned over his son’s death, the case soon points towards Dex and Xavier. But will Xavier’s feelings towards Sasha jeopardise his place at the Police Academy?

Bianca drops a bombshell when she reveals to Liam that she is pregnant! However, when Heath catches wind of the news, he immediately questions Bianca over the baby’s paternity.

Leah gives in to temptation and fails to keep her distance from Brax. However, when she turns up unannounced at a River Boy party, she makes an unwanted discovery… Also, Marilyn and Colleen organise a pampering day for Irene.


George faces the darkest hour of his life this week, having been lured back into the evil clutches of Deena and Graham. As he prepares himself for the worst, will anyone come to his rescue?

Tensions are running high as the college business competition gets under way, and Cheryl struggles to manage her course as well as Chez Chez. But with her place at college at risk, will Cheryl be able to prove herself as a shrewd businesswoman?

Rob’s attempts to prove he’s over Annalise backfire after his efforts cause a rift with pal Will, and the rugby lads vow to teach him a lesson… Also, Mitzeee stirs up trouble for Mercedes.

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