Trainer behind Geordie Shore Charlotte’s amazing weight loss shares his fitness secrets

Charlotte Crosby with personal trainer David Souter.
Charlotte Crosby with personal trainer David Souter.

The man behind Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby’s amazing weight loss is preparing to reveal his top fitness tips to Your Life readers.

Personal trainer to the stars, David Souter, will bring his best health advice, fitness challenges and recipes to the pages of his new column launching in Your Life next week.

Personal trainer David Souter (right) and Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby with Richard Callender, from TV's The Biggest Loser.

Personal trainer David Souter (right) and Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby with Richard Callender, from TV's The Biggest Loser.

The weekly column by the trainer responsible for helping the young TV star to lose an impressive two and a half stone, will launch on August 18.

The award-winning fitness trainer, who also counts Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison among his celebrity clients, said he is looking forward helping his reader’s reach their health and fitness goals.

“I am really excited about doing this, as it is my first column,” he said. “I am hoping it will help the readers to educate themselves on health and nutrition.

“In the column I am going to feature diet and fitness challenges and lifestyle challenges, as it is all about changing your lifestyle.”

She is very dedicated but when she is on Geordie Shore fitness is the last thing on her mind, as their lifestyle is all drinking and there is peer pressure.

David is the choreographer on the No.1 selling 2014 Fitness DVD: Vicky’s 7 Day Slim, and is one of two trainers in the top selling 2015 DVD Charlotte’s 3 Min Belly Blitz - the best-selling Fitness DVD in the last 15 years.

“I met up with Charlotte in April 2014 and I started training her in the May/June time,” he said.

“I came round to her house, measured her and we clicked straight away.

“She is a really nice girl who is completely different than what you see on TV. She doesn’t like drinking, it’s just for the show .

Personal trainer David Souter

Personal trainer David Souter

“She is very dedicated but when she is on Geordie Shore fitness is the last thing on her mind, as their lifestyle is all drinking and there is peer pressure.

“But outside the show she has a lot of friends who are interested in keeping fit.”

Through Mr Souter’s daily training regime Charlotte lost and impressive two and a half stone in just three and a half months while filming the hit TV series.

“We would do 12 rounds three-minute round based in a boxing workout,” Mr Souter said.

Before and after.

Before and after.

“Its high-intensity interval training and combat and they are all body resistance workouts.

“Its the most effective way to lose weight.”

David said Charlotte found the warm-up – which featured side-step kicks done to music – to be the hardest part of the workout and said the star lost the weight through eating a ‘clean diet’ of eggs for breakfast; protein and vegetables for lunch and meat and vegetables for dinner with snacks including yoghurt and fruit.

“She is a little star,”he said. “We have even been on holiday training together.”

David believes training holidays such as this are a great way to break up a workout regime and hopes to run more training trips abroad in the future.

The expert trainer also has experience in training overseas, having worked across Europe in the past, He has also presented master-classes and workshops throughout the UK and was a guest instructor at the world-renowned Club La Santa, Spain, and invited to Dallas, USA, to present his style of fitness.

Voted the UK’s Best New Fitness Presenter, David exploded onto the fitness presenter scene in 2004, winning Springs Sanctuary Spa Presenter Competition and finishing runner-up in the International Fitness Presenter Showcase Competition Final.

With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, David started his career at Earls Court Fitness Club and David Lloyd Health & Racket club, before working at all the major health and fitness clubs in the North East.

A personal trainer for the last 12 years, David blended his knowledge of martial arts and passion for fitness, creating and implemented ‘Tae-Robics’ in 1997 and showcased it throughout the North of England.

Tae-Robics was also the premier combat video/DVD release from ActionUK and presented by David.

He has also presented at some of the biggest UK Conventions, and Fitness Weekends.

In 2002 he established his own very successful Personal Training Company, BODYfx Fitness Training, and by the end of 2002 was running his own studio, BODYfx Fitness Studios based in the North East.

Now based back in the North East, David was one of the lead presenters at the UK’s first ZUMBA/BOKWAthon in 2012 and is also the creator of IN10SITY– IN10SITY: 10 Day Detox & Weight Loss, 15 Day Fat Loss & Fitness & 21 Day 6 Pack & Ripped Programs.

Despite years of experience in the fitness industry, David stresses that to see real results, the effort level of individuals has to be there for them to reach their fitness goals.

“I have only ever sacked one person simply because the effort level wasn’t there,” he said.

“I felt bad but you can only do so much and give them the tools to achieve.”

David said the best aspect of his job is the variety of people he helps and loves to change up routines to stop clients becoming bored with a monotonous routine.

“I love changing things up,” he said of his workouts.

“I never just have the same routines, I change the routines, exercises and equipment. We train at different times and work the whole body, the people [I train] don’t know what is going to happen.”

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