How herbs can help ward off evil spirits

HERBAL REMEDY...volunteer Ian Jones in the herb garden at Jarrow Hall.

HERBAL REMEDY...volunteer Ian Jones in the herb garden at Jarrow Hall.

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HERBAL remedies to ward off evil spirits will be revealed at a South Tyneside museum.

Bede’s World in Church Bank, Jarrow, will stage an illustrated tour of its stunning herb garden at 2pm tomorrow.

Located in the grounds of Jarrow Hall, the garden was designed to showcase the kind of herbs grown in Anglo-Saxon times and during the period when the Venerable Bede studied at the adjacent monastic site.

Bede’s World marketing and development officer, Sharon Thomson, said: “As part of the tour, visitors can discover the herbs that were believed to ward off evil spirits and goblins, as well as provide protection against lightning strikes and the plague.”

The garden was initially designed by Professor Rosemary Cramp and Richard Kilburn in 1978, and is cared for by a small team of volunteers.

The volunteers have played a key role in maintaining and nurturing the herb garden, without artificial fertilisers, pesticides or fungicides.

They also try to encourage natural predators into the garden. Hundreds of visitors a year tour the herb garden as part of the Bede’s World experience.

Tickets for the tour cost £5 and a cream tea is included, but pre-booking is advised.

For details, contact Bede World reception on 489 2106.

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