Here’s the old Grammar School girls

DINNER LADIES...old Grammar School girls together in 1966.
DINNER LADIES...old Grammar School girls together in 1966.

THE words ‘old’ and ‘girls,’ like ‘old’ and ‘boys,’ cancel each other out when put together.

Yet no other phrase, I think, would convey that sense of attachment that’s implied, both to your school and your youth.

The old South Shields Girls’ Grammar School has been a subject of discussion recently.

Old Girls’ dinners were held regularly and this is a picture of the one in 1966.

It comes from Hildred Whale who is at the end of that back row, on the left, standing next to the now-late Marjorie Keddie.

What’s nice for me about this photograph is that, second from the left, in the front row, is Dr Elsie Ramsden, who was headmistress when I joined the school; while a little further along is Miss Goudie, a little bit of a heroine of mine as she was of that generation that had been in the vanguard of university education for women after the First World War.

I will always also be grateful to her for recognising my interest in English literature and encouraging it.

Hildred also recognises Miss Richardson, and possibly Mrs Young, while recalling that the guest speaker was, she thinks, from the Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

Anyone else regonise themselves?