Airport security procedures after Brexit

The government has issued guidance on how changes to aviation security would affect businesses and passengers in the case of a no deal Brexit.
Airport security after BrexitAirport security after Brexit
Airport security after Brexit

The publication has reassured flyers that screening requirements for passenger flights to and from the UK will remain the same after Brexit regardless of a deal or no deal scenario.

The EU has also stated that it will recognise UK passenger and baggage screening and include it in the One Stop Security system for passengers and cargo. This means that people and goods flying from the UK will continue to be able to transfer at an EU airport for an onward flight without experiencing additional security re-screening procedures.

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The UK's aviation security standards and procedures are currently based on EU regulations. These set down common minimum standards to keep passengers safe on flights departing from EU Member States. If the UK leaves the EU on March 29 without an agreement in place then existing aviation security regulations and procedures will be retained in domestic law under the EU Withdrawal Act. This will ensure that the UK continues to have a robust aviation security system no matter what our future relationship with the EU is.