Love Island look-back: Remi sent packing after shock re-coupling

Remi dumped from island after shock re-coupling leaves him standing alone.

At the end of last week islanders were left with their mouths wide open as they headed off for a challenge and a new girl emerged from a giant model clam leaving the girls on edge but the boys with grins on their face.

After completing the challenge the islanders headed back to the villa to meet new girl, Danica, a 21-year-old dancer with her sights set high on finding a man.

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Soon after her arrival it was revealed there would be a shock re-coupling and whoever was left standing would be dumped from the island. As Friday’s episode ended on a cliffhanger we had to find out the result in last night’s episode which for any Love Island fan felt like a long weekend.

Danica recouping.

As the new arrival Danica got first pick of the men, the girls were feeling anxious as to whether she’d steal their man. Danica had no fear as she chose Luca who is currently coupled up with Gemma, who was able to remain cool during the re-coupling and Luca was left feeling unhappy about Danica’s decision.

After Friday’s heated argument between Ekin-Su and Davide over kissing Jay on the terrace it was clear she would couple up with Jay. Gemma who was previously coupled up with Davide decided to save him and with all the islanders all coupled up Remi was dumped from the island.

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Following the re-coupling Luca assured Gemma despite Danica choosing him he was only interested in her, however a spanner was thrown in the works when Luca and Danica were sent on date to the beach.

After getting friend zoned by Luca, Danica is now trying to get to know Jacques and Ikenna in bid to find her ideal man. Speaking of sparks flying its become apparent there could be a connection between Indiyah and Dami which is yet to be explored. I could certainly see these two as a couple, what do you think?

At the end of the show, fans were thrilled with the chance to vote for their favourite boy and girl. For me its Paige and Dami, no questions asked. Who do you think is at risk in tonight’s episode?