A sign of the times? What you said about the demise of South Tyneside's pubs as calls are made to restrict alcohol sales

As one South Tyneside publican calls for supermarkets to stop selling booze, some have urged pubs and bars to cut their prices and encourage customers back through the door.

Friday, 2nd August 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Friday, 2nd August 2019, 9:23 am
One of the pubs to close its doors in South Tyneside.

But Gazette readers shared a different view, arguing that many pubs charge ‘silly prices’, prompting more nights in instead of heading to town.

Other suggestions to drive people back to pubs included suppliers cutting prices for pubs, or clubs adjusting their opening hours.

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You have been sharing your views on the future of pubs in South Tyneside.

Artie Carhart: “Working men’s clubs [were] the way to have a cheap night out with a game of bingo etc but since they are starting to disappear we are left with pubs that are charging silly prices.”

Nichola Winthrop: “A night out costs much more than a bottle of wine from your local Tesco! People just simply cannot afford to go out to pubs and socialise as much as they probably would like to.”

Jackie Pitchford: “Pubs should be able to buy their supplies as cheap as supermarkets, and sell it to their customers at cheap prices.”

Peter Watt: “Something needs to be done. I could name about 20 pubs in Jarrow that have closed since I was a kid, it’s a perfect storm think only about five left now.”

Linda Wood: “Bars and clubs serving all night so young ones drink at home then just go to clubs late and don’t need to spend much, bring back old opening times – it might change.”

Aiden Bertie: “Thing is, I can buy beers I like, bottles of good whisky etc instead of walking into a boozer and being presented with a choice of John Smith's or Fosters at over £4 a pint.”

Pete Smith: “I like to drink at home. It’s cheaper to buy in the supermarket and at the end of the night I am nice and snug in my own home. Also there’s no drunken lunatics living here apart from me!”

Kevin Mcstea: “Need to change with the times or offer more value.”

Mark Lynn: “It’s just a sign of the times.”