A1 filling station reopens following cyber attack

A filling station which was hit by computer hackers is back up and running.
Adderstone Services, near Belford.Adderstone Services, near Belford.
Adderstone Services, near Belford.

Cyber hackers gained entry to the computer systems at Adderstone Services, near Belford, and demanded a ransom.

The impact on the tills meant the filling station was unable to serve fuel for nearly four days, causing inconvenience to customers with the nearest alternatives being nine miles away.

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Owner John Davidson, posting on Facebook, said: “It’s been a nightmare the last few days and very frustrating but we are glad it’s all over with. The petrol station is back up and running.”

A completely new system had to be installed so it was Friday by the time the fuel pumps were reopened.

No engagement was made with the hackers.

A police spokesman said: “Enquiries are ongoing into the incident and those involved.”