Back pain pushes pilates teacher to launch her own studio to help others find relief

A woman’s experience of overcoming back pain has led her to launch her own venture to help others.

Thursday, 3rd October 2019, 12:45 pm
Emma Louise McGlen in her new Pilates and Yoga Studio.

Emma Louise McGlen has set up the Pilates and Yoga Studio above Cafe Mio in Sunderland Road, South Shields.

She became a pilates teacher two years ago and has so far brought in four other experts to lead classes in the disciplines, with a number aimed at helping those who are looking to find relief from pain and improve mobility.

Pilates for pain courses and another for people with lower back problems are run along a series of yoga groups, including hot, yin and vinyasa, with beginners classes in both.

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Emma Louise McGlen has been a pilates teacher for to years and has brought in a team to help lead classes at her new studio in Sunderland Road, South Shields.

Emma, 39, who already runs a studio in Whickham, set up her new base at The Nook as she has family in the town and has been running taster sessions where people can give a class a try in return for a donation to Cancer Connections.

She worked in the NHS for 15 years in occupational therapy and is now self-employed as she runs Life Programme sessions for people with long-term health conditions and is also a postural stability instructor and GP referral instructor.

She has said the business aims for “progress, not perfection”.

“I had a bad back and started doing pilates and it has totally changed my life,” she said

South Shields Pilates and Yoga Studio has opened above Cafe Mio in Sunderland Road.

“Pilates and yoga are really good for people who have complex health problems and can also help them relax and we make sure people get support and no one is looking for perfection.

“We have no more than 10 people in a class and a small class makes people feel more secure and safe.

“We have a relaxation section at the end and the studio is dark with purple lights, so the room is closed off from the outside, so people come out feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of their day.

“We’re still working on putting on more classes, so we’ve been asking what people want.”

Emma Louise McGlen took up pilates to help her with back problems.

More information can be found via its website or through its Facebook page.

Emma Louise McGlen and her team run a series of yoga and pilates classes.