Gazette readers hope new shop will 'revive' South Shields town centre as buyer takes over King Street shop

A vacant shop in South Shields town centre has been sold to new owners - prompting shoppers to hope it will be just the thing to bring more business back to the area.
King Street in South Shields.King Street in South Shields.
King Street in South Shields.

While the identity of the buyer remains unknown, Gazette readers have expressed their support for a "decent" shop that will encourage families to shop locally.

The store has been sold at auction.The store has been sold at auction.
The store has been sold at auction.
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Some have also backed the views of retail bosses and South Tyneside Council chiefs, who said they hope the development signals a "revival" for shopping in the town centre, alongside confirmation that the town's Debenham's store escaped closure amidst national plans for the brand.

Others have called for further investment in the King Street area to bring "big names back" to South Shields.

Here is what you had to say on the Shields Gazette Facebook page:

Tom Martin: "Hope for the town centre that it is a decent shop that people will want to visit, but whatever it turns out to be, it's better that it is in use and open for business than it being sat empty, so it's good news whatever."

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Stephen Moran: "Great news, and another blow for those who love to see our town going down the tubes. When all the work has been done re 365 it should bring in even more business, but for the moment great to see this, it proves once again that a lot of people have faith in the future of the town."

Sam Cairns: "Joking aside I hope it's a place that helps see more people using South Shields to shop."

Susan Brash: "I was in Washington Galleries yesterday to meet my mate. It was throbbing. Indoors so didn't matter about the rain. Loads of shops all booming and 4 hours free parking. Cover King Street in, get some decent shops and sort parking out. Job done."

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John Hutton: "Problem is high streets are all the same now charity shops, cheap shops, Costas and bookies."

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Dannii Foy: "South Shields is so sad at the moment we need more shops and some big names back."

Craig Lister: "This town is in desperate for a decent book shop. We don't need another clothes shop."

Lee Thomas: "It'll take a lot more than this to revive the town centre."

Ann Gilmour: "Hope it's something nice."

James Adams: "Joking aside hope this does help the town centre and bring in more businesses would be nice to see King Street back to its former self."