New shop opens in Westoe Crown Village as South Shields Stoney's Grandmaster Barber opens second branch

Award-winning barber Allan Stone is cutting a dash to a new business venture - by opening a second outlet after 30 years in the business.

Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 11:45 am
Updated Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 12:58 pm
Stoney's Mail Grooming Allan Stone now has a chair at Crown Hair and Beauty on Westoe Crown Village

It will be a one-man show for Allan, 45, South Tyneside’s only Grandmaster Barber, when he sets up shop on July 4 at Westoe Crown Village, South Shields.

He will run his operation alone save for limited hands-on help from skilled staff at his existing Stoney’s Barber Shop, in Laygate, South Shields, which he bought in 1998.

Quick-fingered Allan plans to focus more on in-vogue aspects of male grooming, such as facials, deluxe shaves, and ear and nose waxing, rather than just trendy haircuts.

The part-time South Tyneside College barbering lecturer will operate from his own hired chair within Crown Hair and Beauty, which opened earlier this year in Sea Winnings Way.

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He said: “I was approached by the owners to see if wanted to introduce my brand there, and I’m delighted to be doing so, it’s a great opportunity for me.

“It will have a change of dynamics compared to my existing shop and be more about the overall male grooming experience.

“This means there will be deluxe shaves which include exfoliants and black facial masks, and nose and ear waxing, as well as traditional barbering.”

Allan will ply his skills from the window seat of Crown Hair and Beauty, where his business name has been added as Stoney’s Male Grooming@Crown Hair.

He has taken on a six-month contract and may hire a second barbering chair if business booms.

Two years ago, he was named a Grandmaster Barber, the highest honour awarded to a barbering professional.

To achieve the accolade, he met stringent criteria set by the British Barbers Alliance, which supports the showcasing of talent in the industry.

Allan, who began his career as a Saturday lad at Saks in Newcastle, aged just 15, employs a full-time team of three and an apprentice at his Laygate salon.

The dad-of-two lectures a day a week at South Tyneside College.