Overwhelming support for shops to stay closed on Boxing Day

With Aldi, Asda, Lidl and Morrisons among the companies pledging to remain closed this Boxing Day, shoppers have been sharing their views on whether other firms should follow suit.

The supermarkets are joining the likes of Marks & Spencer, toy shop The Entertainer and Pets At Home in giving staff a well-deserved day off on December 26 – which this year falls on a Sunday.

The Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (Usdaw) has a campaign calling for shopworkers to get a proper break over the festive period.

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Part of the initiative asks retailers to shut up shop at 4pm on Christmas Eve, and remain closed over Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Do you think shops should remain closed on Boxing Day? Readers have been sharing their views. Picture: HGL/Getty Images.

A campaign statement on the union’s website states: “For too many people working in retail, Christmas isn’t a proper holiday.

"This year has been an extremely difficult year for retail and distribution workers, who have had to work in extremely challenging conditions to keep the country going.”

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This is what you had to say on social media:

Samantha Remmer: “What about people who work in health care? Who work all over the holidays and bank holidays? No time off for them.”

Irena Atkins: “Definitely, they did when I was young, we just made sure we had everything we needed to cover the days the shops were closed.”

Teresa Groundwater: “Yes and not just shops. People forget the vast majority of contact centre staff work Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

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"Unless it’s an emergency service there’s no need.”

Lee Diston: “Christmas is a time for people to relax with their family. Boxing Day sales, in my opion, are pointless.”

Ben Maddison: “Why not ask the staff if they're happy to work, there are actually people happy to work those days.”

Rachael Fearon: “When I worked in retail I always volunteered to work Boxing Day, and it was double pay.

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"Most places will hopefully have staff who would put themselves forward for the shifts so that those with young families can have the time off.”

Tammy Steven: “It’s not essential for shops to be open. Let retail workers have two consecutive days off over the festive period.”

Jill Hollund: “Yes, all shops should be closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day and I would even dare to suggest early closing on Christmas Eve too.”

Craig Hobson: “The default position remains everyone is entitled to the day off but let each individual decide for themselves if they would rather come in.”

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Danny Black: “If large numbers of people are sad enough to go shopping on Boxing Day then they are going to open.

"Why would they close if there is massive demand?”

Stuart Tagg: “No, but they should go back to how it used to be and pay staff overtime rates.”

Maria Wilkinson: “It's not an essential job like carers and hospital staff there's nothing stopping people stocking up on Christmas Eve or earlier for anything they need for Boxing Day.”

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Leanne Clare Hennigan: “I liked it when the January sales started in January!”

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