Posting parcels to EU countries after Brexit

Business and trade deals after Brexit can be a complex issue - here we get to the bottom of customs declaration labels.

Customs declarations may be needed to post to EU countries after Brexit
Customs declarations may be needed to post to EU countries after Brexit

Q: I have an online business with 80 per cent international sales, but neither Royal Mail nor the Post Office can say if CN22 customs labels are going to be required for the EEA/EU. Any idea?

A CN22 is a customs document, used when goods are being transported overseas. It contains a description and value of the item being posted along with the country of origin. It is valid for items up to £270, while a CN23 label is the same, but for goods worth £270 and over.

Electronic customs data needs to be supplied whenever a parcel is required to go through Customs clearance. Currently this is applicable to only countries outside of the EU.

However, Royal Mail's official advice to customers is that they DO prepare to send data to all countries following Brexit.


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Readers' questions: Will I need a new passport after Brexit?As you will know, at the minute there's no need for customs declarations or clearance on anything you post to EU destinations. If we leave with a withdrawal agreement it is likely that nothing will change, at least during the transition period until 2020.

But if there is a no-deal Brexit then the current guidance from HMRC is that the same rules will apply to UK businesses exporting to the EU as do to non-EU countries from March 29.

This means that your goods will require a CN22 or CN23 form.