Shoppers brand closure of South Shields' TUI store a 'reflection of the times' as community turns away from high street

Gazette readers have blamed the decline of the local high street on the rise of internet shopping and a sign of the times.

Their comments follow the closure of travel giant TUI’s branch on King Street in South Shields this week.

The company issued a statement to the Gazette which confirmed that the shop shut on Wednesday, December 18.

TUI has closed its branch on King Street, South Shields.

Shoppers shared their views on the closure on our Facebook page, with many calling on fellow customers to shop locally to keep businesses on the high street.

Others hailed the rise in buying online as one of the main factors in shop closures

This is what you said on the Shields Gazette Facebook page:

Julie Summerson: “We need decent shops to bring people back to South Shields. Sunderland and Newcastle are busy too. I know online shopping doesn’t help - but there is nothing left in Shields to make us go there!”

TUI on King Street, South Shields when it was open for business, alongside H Samuel which closed in October 2019.

Richard Finlay: “Need to reduce the rate to encourage shops to come into the town.”

Linda Wood: “Shops rely on footfall for business and there’s none in Shields.”

Jacquie Rose: “If folk stop shopping online these places would not close. Only yourselves to blame.”

Wayne Nellist: “Internet killing the shops off. All we have soon is supermarkets.”

Gazette readers have been having their say on the store's closure.

Sharon Hogg: “Every time people shop online, buy holidays, use self-service tills it has an impact. Newcastle and Sunderland are cities so have more pulling power than a town.”

Ted Nichol: “Another one bites the dust.”

Tom Quantrill: “High street’s dead man. This isn’t sad, it’s just a sign of the times, move to the internet and embrace it.”

Paul Boyle: “Closed not only because people are using the internet to book holidays but also because of the high rents demanded by the shop owners of King Street.”

Kristan Carman: “Another nail in King Street’s coffin!”

Mark Bolam: “The only reason to go to South Shields is the lovely seafront, the town centre died years ago.”

Garry McKenna: “A national trend, reflection of the times.”