South Shields pub Hogarths reassures customers after sign sparks closure fear

A popular South Shields pub has reassured customers it is very much still in business after a temporary closure.
Hogarths in South Shields.Hogarths in South Shields.
Hogarths in South Shields.

Bosses expected Hogarths, in Mile End Road, South Shields, to be shut for just a few hours on Monday morning while work was completed.

But essential maintenance overran, causing its doors to stay shut until around 6pm, with notices in its windows prompting concern from some Gazette readers that it may be closed for longer.

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They read: ‘Due to unforeseen circumstances - Hogarths is closed until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience’.

Amber Taverns, which operates a national chain of Hogarths boozers, said it was now business as usual.

A spokesman said: “It was a case of carrying out essential maintenance to the bar’s drains.

“The drains from the bar go under the bar and it meant that we had to take the bar apart to carry out this work.

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“We closed on Sunday night as usual and thought that we would be open by around lunchtime the following day.

“Unfortunately, the work took a little longer than expected and we weren’t able to reopen until 6pm on Monday.

“We could have delayed the work but it was the case that it had to be done some time.”

Gazette readers had expressed their concern after the temporary closure notices appeared on the pub’s windows and its main customer entrance.

On its website, the two-storey Hogarths is described as ‘an impressive Victorian gin Style Palace’.