South Shields residents have their say on why we’ve lost town centre shops

South Shields town centre has seen a fair few shops come and go in the last five years and residents have been reminiscing on those we have lost - and why.

Tuesday, 18th February 2020, 1:56 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th February 2020, 6:41 pm
Empty shops units on King Street, South Shields.

Online shopping, recessions and the uncertainty of Brexit have been discussed as reasons for stores closing their doors in our town centre.

After refreshing your mind with the shops we’re missing, residents were keen to explain why they think so many have closed.

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South Shields residents have had their say on why the town centre is suffering loss of shops.

This is what you had to say.

Simon Whitaker said: “I don’t believe the issues are down to people shopping online. I’m speaking from experience in retail. I think the issue is the high street has changed. There are many town centres across the UK that have adapted. Altrincham being a great case study. It needs the council to bring in people with experience to have a plan on re-inventing South Shields. It’ll take years but there needs to be a vision and to help independent businesses come in. Not just retail either. Just my thoughts of course.”

David Barber commented: “If these people who rarely come to the town came more often, and all at the same time, the town would be full.”

Alan Gibson said: “The decline in high street shopping is not down to councils or paying for parking. It is mostly down to people buying online. It’s so much easier and in cases cheaper and delivered to your door.”

Veronica Brown argued: “To be honest it’s the parking charges that put me off. Even if council trial free parking for a substantial time to evaluate.”

Leigh Shotton added: “Nooks busy. Why? Free Parking?”

Chris Brown argued: “They’ve turned Fowler Street into a ‘ghost town’ by changing the bus routing out of town via Asda.”

Paul Fletch said: “Every town centre is going through the same transition so stop moaning about South Shields - we have to adapt like everyone else!”