Little learners from Hebburn get lesson in keeping their teeth healthy with help of special visitor

Young children got a lesson on keeping their teeth healthy and sparkling thanks to a special visitor.

The little learners at Nurserytime Hebburn, in Victoria Road West, welcomed Andrea Smith, a dental nurse at mydentist, to learn more about oral health.

Elena Scott, nursery manager, said: “We discussed why we brush our teeth and how many times a day we should be brushing our teeth and how long.

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"We then worked together to categorise which foods are good and bad for our teeth."

Little learners from Nurserytime Hebburn

Children then got involved in a role play, giving them the opportunity to step into the shoes of a dentist, wearing PPE.

They also had a practice at brushing their teeth.

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Elena said: "This was such an important experience for the children and we have received lots of feedback from parents agreeing this was beneficial and their children have shown more interest in brushing their teeth at home.”

Little learners from Nurserytime Hebburn.