Parents' anger after South Shields school letter tells pupils their exam results could impact on 'the car they drive and holidays they can afford'

A South Tyneside school has apologised after sending a letter to students which said their exam results could play a 'key role' in the future house they live in, car they drive and holidays they can afford.

Saturday, 18th May 2019, 10:14 am
Mr Tapping and St Wilfrid's R.C. College has apologised after the letter was slammed on social media.

The controversial letter, which was sent to pupils at St Wilfrid's RC College, has caused upset and anger among parents after it was posted on social media yesterday

The letter, which was sent by executive headteacher Brendan Tapping along with student revision guides, reads: "Examinations are a key part of our education system. It is important that you work hard to achieve your potential.

"Your level of success in National examinations will probably have a key role to play in the type of home you live in, car you drive and holidays you can afford."

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The letter goes on to give revision advice including creating a timetable with a minimum of two opportunities to revise for each subject and says prizes will be handed out to students who do particularly well with regard to their targets.

Some parents have slammed the letter saying it promotes consumerist values like driving a nice car and nice holidays as the goals which make you successful.

The school has now issued an apology to parents following the upset.

The apology, which is signed by Mr Tapping, says: "We recently sent a letter to accompany student revision guides, regarding preparation for the end of year examinations.

"In this we mentioned the importance of examinations to the future prospects of our students and how the level of success in examination would probably have an impact on the ‘type of home you live in, car you drive and holidays you can afford’.

"Our intention by using this phrase was simply to illustrate how important examinations are potentially to some future pathways and to encourage our students to work as hard as possible in order to achieve their full potential.

"Our ethos has always been to support every single child in their aspirations, leaving no child behind, and will continue to be so. We apologise if this has caused any offence."

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