BENEFITS EXPERT: Would grandson get benefits if he left approved training?

Q. I currently claim Universal Credit, included in the claim are my husband, we also have our two grandchildren included in the claim, one is 11 and the other is 17.

Friday, 22nd October 2021, 12:00 am
typically 16-17 year olds are excluded from getting UC, however in this situation he could claim on the grounds of ill health.

The 17 year old is currently in approved training so we support in the UC claim for them both as well as child benefit. The 17 year is also getting the daily living element of PIP. However he is having some concerns around his training and isn’t getting support and he is considering leaving this entirely. In this situation would I no longer be entitled to benefits for him, I am currently claiming Carer’s Allowance for him. Would he be entitled to benefits if he left the training?

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A. In the situation described the following benefits or benefit elements will be affected if he does decide to leave approved training. The standard child allowance for him will be removed from your UC claim, you will also likely to be getting an additional amount known as the disabled child element with your UC for him and again this will be removed from your UC calculation. Finally your entitlement to child benefit will also end but you may get a “run on” of the benefit depending on his date of birth. The removal of the UC amounts will take place the next assessment period after he ends the training. As long as he still gets PIP for daily living you can continue to claim Carer’s Allowance as well as claim UC as a carer, his PIP won’t be affected by leaving a job.

In relation to benefit entitlement in your grandson’s own right typically 16-17 year olds are excluded from getting UC however in this situation he could claim on the grounds of ill health. As he already receives PIP he satisfies one of the conditions to claim as a 16/17 year old to claim UC. He would also need to provide proof that he is incapable of working i.e. provide sick notes from his GP. Subject to current lockdown restrictions he’d normally have a medical assessment after 13 weeks to assess whether he has limited capacity to work. We would also advise that he makes a claim for New Style ESA, it’s unlikely he’d get this as he won’t have paid sufficient National Insurance but claiming New Style ESA is recommended to ensure the medical assessment process is followed (it is often overlooked for UC claimants). Depending on the outcome of the medical assessment he may them see an increase and if he is found fit for work he can dispute and appeal if he believes he is unfit for work, the normal one month from the date of the decision applies.