23,000 in South Tyneside helped by furlough scheme

Hundreds fewer workers in South Tyneside were on furlough in March, as the recovery from the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic got underway.
23,000 helped by furlough scheme23,000 helped by furlough scheme
23,000 helped by furlough scheme

New HM Revenue and Customs data – which reveal the situation before pubs and non-essential shops opened for the first time in months – shows around 7,800 jobs held by workers living in South Tyneside were furloughed as of March 31.

That was 400 fewer than the 8,200 furloughed at the end of February, and lower than 8,500 in January.

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Women and men in South Tyneside were just as likely to be furloughed, with take-up rates of 13% for both.

Around 1,820 hospitality jobs held by workers in South Tyneside were furloughed as of March 31 – 23% of all jobs – the largest proportion of all sectors, followed by wholesale and retail, and motor vehicle repair services (16%).

The figures show that, by the end of March, roughly 23,800 jobs had been supported by the Government furlough scheme at some point during the pandemic.

Jobs at firms which are unable to operate or have no work for their employees during the pandemic are eligible for furlough pay from the Government – with workers currently getting 80% of their wages, up to £2,500 per month.

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The scheme has been extended until the end of September – beyond the planned reopening of all areas of the economy on June 21 – and employers will have to pay a higher contribution from July.

Nationally, 4.2 million jobs were furloughed as of March 31, down from 4.7 million a month before.