First Covid lockdown: Remembering the first weekend of lockdown in March 2020 in South Shields

It’s two years since the first national lockdown was imposed in England - and we’re remembering when South Shields’ streets were deserted on Saturday, March 28, 2020 as the town entered its first “locked down” weekend due to the coronavirus pandemic.

That week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had announced a new set of measures to flatten the curve of the coronavirus outbreak, ordering the public to stay home to protect themselves, each other and the NHS – with few exceptions.

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People may leave home for essential shopping – but infrequently as possible – for one bout of exercise a day, to tend to medical needs and for unavoidable travel to and from work.

The first weekend of lockdown measures in South Shields.

Northumbria Police has also warned the public that its officers will “take action” against those who do not follow the rules, in line with new powers granted to enforce the Government restrictions.

Two years on from that difficult time, as we moved through a period of uncertainty, we take a look at some of the scenes in South Shields town centre in March 2020.

Shutters down in South Shields as families obey the lockdown.
A quiet market place in South Shields.