Over 20,000 have not had virus jab

Around one in seven adults in South Tyneside have yet to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, new figures suggest.

A coronavirus jab
A coronavirus jab

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appealed to the millions of people who have not yet taken up the offer of a coronavirus vaccine to finally get the jab to help the country avoid tougher restrictions over the winter.

NHS England data shows 106,849 people over the age of 18 in South Tyneside had received a first dose of the vaccine by September 13.

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That means 21,398 remain unvaccinated – 16.7% of adults in the area.

Those aged 18 to 29 have the highest refusal rates (32.4%), followed by the 30-39 age bracket (27.6%).

A higher proportion of 16 to 17-year-olds are unvaccinated (44.8%), but they were offered the jab much later.

Just 2.7% of those aged 80 to 89 have not received their first vaccine.

Estimates from the Office for National Statistics show there are around 6,726 12 to 15 year-olds in South Tyneside who will be offered their first jab.

Around 10.8% of the national adult population have not taken up the offer of a Covid-19 vaccine.

As the Prime Minister launched his plan to “live” with the disease through the coming months, his chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said getting vaccination levels up was the key to keeping case numbers down and maintaining lighter controls.

He said: “There are five million or so people who are eligible for vaccines now who haven’t been vaccinated. Trying to persuade those people it is the right thing to do would make a significant difference.”