These are the areas of South Tyneside with the highest Covid-19 case rates.

The 12 South Tyneside areas with highest Covid-19 infections in the past week

As Covid-19 cases across South Tyneside see a huge rise, we reveal the areas of Wearside with the highest infection rates.

The North East has seen case numbers rocket by 73% in a week, with the region now the worst affected part of the UK.

Official figures show it had a rate of 2,609.6 cases per 100,000 residents in the week to January 6, far higher than the peak of 2,043 per 100,000 seen in London in December.

Across the UK, there were 1.2 million positive test results in the week to January 6, a 9% rise from the week before.

At neighbourhood level, Covid-19 case rates have been published for the week to January 6.

Here are the neighbourhoods in South Tyneside with the highest case rates right now.

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