These are the areas of South Tyneside that have seen the biggest drop in Covid-19 cases.

The 12 areas of South Tyneside that have seen the biggest drop in Covid-19 infections as cases continue to fall

Covid-19 cases have continued to fall in South Tyneside throughout the last week of January – here we reveal the areas where cases dropped the most.

According to the latest Government figures, Covid-19 cases were continuing to rapidly fall across South Tyneside during the last week of January.

On January 27, the borough recorded an infection rate of 1,183.7 cases per 100,000 people – with 1,789 confirmed infections of the illness.

By comparison on January 20, Sunderland had a rate of 1,507.9 per 100,000 people – with 2,279 cases recorded in the seven day period.

Latest figures show that Simonside has seen the biggest drop in cases, with 58.2% less infections recorded.

Data for the last five days is not included as it may not yet be complete or accurate.

Here we reveal the areas of South Tyneside where Covid-19 cases are falling the fastest in the seven days leading up to January 27.

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