FEELING GREAT: So many distractions that we can live without… for a while

Have you thought about doing something new? This time I’m not talking about a new fitness regime or a different sport: it’s a bit more mundane than that – but just as satisfying!

Wednesday, 18th August 2021, 12:00 am
Could you shield your eyes from a clock, just for a week? If you’re engaged in what you’re doing, time doesn’t really matter.

Instead let’s talk about creating a new mindset.

You know people go on diets all the time? As in, if you don’t like your weight, you stop eating certain foods. Or, if spending on credit cards was out of control, you’d cut up the credit cards? If you needed a bit of quiet time, you’d maybe take a walk on your own?

Now you could argue that they are all diets in some form. And they are all good for either your mental or physical health. But what about your creative health? How much of that do we need? I once read an interesting book by a dancer and choreographer from New York City called The Creative Habit. The author suggests that most of us would do our creativity (and health) some good just by switching off from a few everyday things that lead to dullness and boredom.

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And, with enhancing your health and creativity in mind, could you go a week without ANY of these?

Mirrors! Think you could manage a week without looking into one? And I know what you’re thinking: What would my hair look like? No-one cares but you! You’ll stop looking at yourself and spend more time focusing on others.

Clocks: Could you shield your eyes from one, just for a week? If you’re engaged in what you’re doing, time doesn’t really matter. And if you’re late for something? So what! Most people are too busy checking Facebook or just ‘busy’ to notice anyway!

Magazines: Could you do without knowing what’s coming up on TV and wait for it to unfold in front of your eyes, learning whose dating who in the celebrity world or reading stories of other people’s lives in the gossip columns?

TV: How much of your thinking time is being taken up by focusing on who hit who or who is cheating on who in Emmerdale, Coronation Street or EastEnders?

And there’s more, I’m sure you get the idea. There are a lot of distractions out there, and nearly all of them you and I can live without, at least for a little while. Make it a Healthy Habit!

For more tips and advice, please get in touch for a FREE copy of my book The Healthy Habit. It is essential reading people aged 50+ in the North-East, and for anyone that would like to improve their own healthy habits. Please call 01429 866771 or visit paulgoughphysio.com.

​Nick Loughlin