This is how South Tyneside super slimmer shed almost eight stone thanks to South Shields Slimming World group

A South Tyneside super slimmer has been given a new lease of life after losing almost eight stone in 18 months

Saturday, 7th September 2019, 08:00 am
Updated Sunday, 8th September 2019, 14:31 pm
Ian Ward has lost almost 8st thanks to Slimming World

Ian Ward is now healthier and happier after waking up one day and realising he had to do something about his weight.

The 54-year-old, of Kent Road in Hebburn, has dropped 7.5st since joining the New Crown pub Slimming World group in South Shields with wife Ceri and says it was one of the best decisions he has ever made.

Recently crowned the group's ‘Greatest Loser’, Ian has seen his weight plummet from 23.5st to 16st since he started the plan, hitting hit his target weight in August.

Ian Ward weighed 23 stone before joining Slimming World

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The businessman admits he used to make the wrong choices when it came to his diet, grabbing things for convenience as he was always rushing around.

The experience has transformed his attitude to food encouraging him to cook healthy, fresh meals at home instead of turning to takeaways.

Now he can continue to enjoy his favourite dishes of curries and Sunday lunches while still watching the weight fall from his waistline.

“Joining Slimming World has been one of the best things I’ve done,” said Ian, who has an active job hiring out equipment for weddings.

Ian Ward was recently crowned the group's 'Greatest Loser'

“I’m healthier, happier and have seen so many great health benefits. I can walk up the stairs, lift the gear for work and run around without being out of breath.”

Despite being previously been put off from joining by misconceptions he had about the scheme, Ian has relished the support from other group members.

“Like many men, I thought it would be just a room full of women and the focus all on diet food,” he explained.

“Instead I found laughter, support and a lot of humour.”

Ian Ward weighed 23 stone before joining Slimming World

He added: “Best of all though, I found real food to eat. Now instead of getting a takeaway curry I will make my own.”

Sharon Simpson, who runs Slimming World groups at the New Crown pub and Armstrong Hall, in South Shields said: “I am so proud of Ian, he's done brilliantly. He is the loveliest man, who has embraced cooking and losing weight with gusto.”

For more information contact Sharon on 07765253342.

Ian Ward weighed 23 stone before joining Slimming World