SHAPING UP: How you can help boost your energy levels with simple lifestyle tweaks

Do you feel tired when you wake up on a morning? Are you desperate for caffeine by mid-morning?
Opt for natural, energy-boosting foods such as fruits and vegetables.Opt for natural, energy-boosting foods such as fruits and vegetables.
Opt for natural, energy-boosting foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Does your energy take a nosedive in the afternoon?

If you’re experiencing those feelings above, one (or more) of these four issues could be affecting your energy levels…

Nutrient deficiency

A poor diet, deficient in key nutrients like magnesium and B vitamins can lead to fatigue, as your cells don’t have the necessary vitamins and minerals to produce cellular energy.

Sugar overload

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Eating too much sugar and refined carbohydrates (bread, pasta, pizza, cakes and cereals) triggers your blood sugar levels to spike rapidly.

Even though that will give you a quick energy boost, your blood sugars will soon come crashing down, leaving you feeling tired again.

Excess caffeine

Caffeine overstimulates the adrenal glands and puts the body into a stress response.

It can also cause insulin resistance, which means your body can’t get fuel (glucose) into your cells, resulting in fatigue.


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Insufficient water prevents your cells from working efficiently.

Seventy per cent of the body is made up of water, and you need to constantly replace fluids lost throughout the day.

Aim for a minimum of two litres of water each day.

If you’re feeling low on energy try these four simple lifestyle tweaks:

Exercise Regularly

Working out improves blood flow, enabling more oxygen and nutrients to get into your cells to produce energy.

Sleep Soundly

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Adopt a good sleep routine to allow your body and brain to wind down at night.

Eat dinner early, avoid excessive screen time, and do something relaxing before bed.

Reduce Sugar

Opt for natural, energy-boosting foods instead: fruits and vegetables, wholegrains (oats, brown rice), quality protein (nuts, seeds, quinoa, beans, lentils), good sources of fats (avocados, flaxseed oil) and superfoods (such as maca, acai and spirulina).

These foods are also high in magnesium and B vitamins, which are essential nutrients for energy production.

Drink More Water

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Stay hydrated and keep your cells energised by drinking filtered water with fresh lemon.

Lemon stimulates the digestive system, which improves nutrient absorption.

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