South Tyneside mum who lost son to suicide sets up support group to help others in his memory

A mum who lost her son to suicide is working to help others and their families as with a new support group.

Parents Lee and Nicola Robertson of Lukes Lane, Hebburn, tragically lost son Tyler to suicide on July 14, 2020, when he was aged 22.

Now they have pledged to help others in desperation and support families going through the similar loss.

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Like many who lose someone close to suicide, Nicola, 42, still struggles to come to terms with the fact Tyler, who worked as an electrician and loved to go to the gym, is no longer here.

Tyler and his sisters

She still has many questions surrounding his death.

“I still expect to get a phone call on a Friday when Tyler would be on his way home from work asking what would be for tea and two years down the line I still can’t believe here’s not here,” she said.

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The mum feels there was not enough official support available for Tyler in the public sector then he needed it.

Lee and Nicola, who also have two daughters, Libby and Skye, were prepared to get private support for Tyler, but the costs were too high.

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Tyler with mum Nicola

The family decided there was a need for more support groups in the area helping with suicide prevention and loss, and Nicola plans to launch a new group from September 5.

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The group, which she has named Suicide Affects Family/Friends Everywhere (SAFFE), will run on a monthly basis at St Oswald’s Church Hall, Hebburn, and be open to people to share their feelings and experiences.

"I think the support group will help people going through the same thing and help prevent people taking their own lives as there’s not enough support in the local area to help with the issue,” said Nicola.

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"I think sometimes it can be better to talk to a stranger because it’s hard to open up to my daughters as I’m trying to stay strong for them.”

The family in their matching Christmas pyjamas Back - Sisters Skye and Libby Front - Dad Lee, Tyler and mum Nicola
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As well as the support group, Nicola is also taking part in a parachute jump, hosting a summer fayre and taking part in a 22-mile walk to raise awareness and money for mental health charities.

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Tyler Robertson