These devices are free to the visually impaired in North Tyneside

Visually impaired people in North Tyneside could be eligible for a free audio device.
Free radios for the visually impairedFree radios for the visually impaired
Free radios for the visually impaired

A National Charity, the British Wireless for the Blind Fund, is inviting those who think they may qualify to get in touch and see if they are eligible for the device.

This charity provides equipment free of charge to people with sight loss across the UK who meet its criteria.

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Free equipment includes digital radios, CD Players, USB players and even a talking Samsung Tablet.

Audio can be lifelines to those who are blind or partially sighted, providing companionship and helping them to keep in touch with what is going on in the world, as well as in the local community.

So BWBF is trying to reach people who may not be aware of this free service.

Regional development manager for North Tyneside, Sophie Wheldon, said: “Our gadgets are designed so that a person with sight loss can use them easily and independently.

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“All equipment is delivered to the home by one of our support volunteers who sets it all up and provides help and advice to using it.

“Easy to use gadgets are vital to someone who cannot see – they provide news, information and entertainment but also, more importantly; companionship and a friendly voice. It’s much more than just a radio.”

If you live in North Tyneside and you or someone you know is interested in a BWBF radio, contact Sophie Wheldon at [email protected] or phone 07540 724 063.

Follow British Wireless for the Blind Fund on Twitter @BritishWireless

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