Allan's, Rippons and Woolworths - the must-visit shops from South Tyneside's past to spend your pocket money

A quarter of sweets from your favourite shop, choosing one of the latest singles you may have heard on the radio or a new trinket to show your friends.

Thursday, 16th June 2022, 9:20 am

If you were lucky enough to get pocket money as a youngster, these were just some of the things you could have chosen to spend it on.

This Throwback Thursday, we’re taking a shopping trip down South Tyneside’s memory lane to shine a light on the stores you always visited when you had some coins to spend.

From comics and toy cars to sweet treats and records, here are some of the most popular choices.

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Geordie Jeans

A fashion favourite!

Were you saving up your pocket money coins and notes to make a purchase here?

A trip to Rippons in 1974 - what were you buying?

It got a mention from Julie Harrison.

Freddie Furlong's

This Jarrow shop in Ellison street was on the list for many Gazette readers.

Childhood customers included Louise Conquer, Tracy Curren and Dave Rutherford.

Was there anything sweeter than a trip to the pick 'n' mix at Woolworths?

Loads Sweet Shop

A favourite for Sharon Goldfinch, Steve Kinson and Kathleen McConvill.

Was it a pick ‘n’ mix or a quarter of your favourite candies from the jar?


Shoppers outside T & G Allan in King Street in 1977. Was the shop on your must-visit list?

Michael Jones: “Mary and John’s, Mortimer Road. John gave you loads more and free shots on the arcade machine in the back. Mary bumped you every time!”

Dave Myers: “Mary’s on Mortimer Road, 10p mix ups and ice cups after school.”

Steve Reynolds: “Mary's, Mortimer Road late 70s early 80s. Kets for nowt them days.”

Rippons Toy Shop

A treasure trove of toys for David Hall, Amanda Rice, Stephen Stokes and more.

Malcolm Brown said it was a must-visit for his Subbuteo teams.

A fashion favourite!

Swainston's Sweet Shop

A trip to your sweet shop of choice was a big treat! And Swainston’s was the one for many of the Gazette readers.

Thanks to Sharon Oley, Beverley Smith, Kirsty Vaughan and more for the shout-outs.

T & G Allan

Race you to the toy department!

Dianne Martin: “T G Allan's every Saturday, loved that shop.”

George Hyde: “TG Allan, downstairs if for toys if I remember correctly.”


Stationery! Sweets! The latest singles. A trip to Woollies ticked all the boxes.

Rachael Gibson: “I loved going to Woolworths to get loads of Christmas stocking sweets.”

Kelly Crowther: “Woolworths. That shop was like magic to me.”

Swainstons sweet shop owners Barry and Nan Swainstons, pictured prior to retirement in 2012.