Chocolate Week: Cabana, Cadbury Spira, and Fry's Five Centres - 11 retro chocolate bars readers want to see back on the shelves

We are taking a trip down memory lane to go shopping for some of your favourite classic bars during Chocolate Week.

While we are more than spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a choc bar to get us through the day, something about those classic creations from our younger days hold a special place in our memories.

Which chocolate bar do you remember always picking out when it came to spending your pocket money?

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From Cadbury creations to Nestle classics and tropical tastes to creamy centres, here are 11 of the region’s favourite chocolate bars from the past as the country celebrates Chocolate Week.

From the Cadbury Spira to a Fry's Five Centres, we run through some of the retro chocolate bars you would love to see back at the shops.


The perfect bar for someone with a REAL sweet tooth – and in the iconic purple wrapper too.

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Launched by Cadbury in the 1960s to rival the Mars Bar, this caramel and nougat treat still lives on in many people’s memories.

Bar Six

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Who remembers these?

There was a lot of love on social media for this classic chocolate and wafer combination. A fine accompaniment for your hot drink.

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There’s no denying that there were PLENTY of bits to love about a Cabana.

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Coconut? Good. Cherries? Good. CARAMEL? We love to see it.

Fry’s Five Centres

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The Fry’s Five Centres bar is up there with one of the most popular choices.

The crisp chocolate shell with a selection of fruity fondant centres was a stand-out product of its time.

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Chocolate, Orange and Peppermint Fry’s bars are still available to buy.

Golden Cup

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Is there a more iconic duo than chocolate and caramel?

An ooey, gooey toffee centre made this a truly delectable treat, manufactured by Mackintosh’s.

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This iconic Cadbury bar made its return to supermarket shelves in Australia a couple of years ago.

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Meanwhile, here at home, we wait for the delectable swirl of milk and white chocolate to make a comeback.

Milk Tray Bar

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You’re sure to have heard of the boxed chocolates, even if you never experienced it in bar form.

With one of these, you really could have a little bit of everything with all of your favourites – and some of your least favourites – combined in one treat.

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Mint Cracknel

Mint and chocolate is still a winning combination today – Aero Mint and After Eight, to name but two.

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This two-piece crispy peppermint bar was much missed by a portion of our readers.

Who remembers the lime and orange versions?

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Old Jamaica

While the Cadbury Bournville Old Jamaica has recently been relaunched by the brand, will it pass muster in comparison to the classic version?

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This delightfully adult rum and raisin bar had a real way of taking you to the tropics, from the comfort of your sofa.


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If you weren’t dunking this in your hot drink and attempting to use it as a straw, you were doing it wrong.

A generation of chocoholics still mourn the loss of the Cadbury Spira; two twists of spiral-y goodness.

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Even better if you didn’t have to share!


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A relic from the ‘70s and 80s, this mighty chew packed with caramel and chocolate was a favourite in the Wild West!

You MAY have gotten your hands on one in the early 2000s during a brief re-launch.