Nightclubs in South Tyneside: Gazette readers remember the most loved and much-missed nightclubs from the borough's past

Most of us will remember (in a way) our first trip to a nightclub.

Thursday, 21st April 2022, 4:55 am

The songs, dances, drinks and sticky floors form some of the most enjoyable memories of our younger days – but they’re somewhat bittersweet when your go-to venues have since closed down, changed hands and names or just aren’t the same anymore!

With nights out from the past in mind, we asked Gazette readers to get in touch and shout out their favourite “gone but not forgotten” South Tyneside nightclub.

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11 pictures from nights out in Vogue and Roxanne's in South Shields in 2004

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The response was massive – with more than 300 people sharing their memories on our Facebook page.

Dive into some of the favourites below, and add your own to our post here.


Julie Appleton: “Banwells, happy days.”

Gazette readers have been sharing memories of their favourite nightclubs in South Tyneside - and the nights they had there.

Caroline Rowell: “Loved Banwells!”

Christine Scott: “Banwells was my favourite.”


Mandy Hartshorne: “Buddy’s had some good live bands there.”

Did you love a dance and a chat to meet with friends at Ruperts disco?

Gary Scott: “Buddy's in my ‘80s clubbing days.”

John Wakeford: “Buddy’s 40p night a pint.”

Chelsea Cat

Julie Bainbridge: “Chelsea Cat, met my husband there 1975 and still together.”

The South Shields Oktoberfest, held at the Tavern.

Tony Capeling: “Chelsea Cat late ‘60s. A lot of stairs. Scampi and chips in a basket.”

Philip Goss: “Chelsea Cat was a great place.”

Angela Hamilton: “Chelsea Cat beyond any shadow of a doubt. Practically lived in the place.”

Dawn Kirby: “Definitely Chelsea Cat, there every Friday and Saturday loved it.”

Anne Mather: “The Cat for me I loved it so much I ended up working there.”

Joanne Summers: “Chelsea Cat in the ‘80s. Happy days!”


Diane Cauwood: “Loved Ruperts, I was about 14 on my first visit.”

June Green: “Ruperts, where I met my husband in 1978.”

Sheila Lee: “Was there at least twice a week. Wednesday and Saturday. Loved it, Ruperts was deffo my favourite.”

Karen Maguire: “Met my husband there 35 years ago.”

Doris Osman: “I loved Ruperts, even got a black member’s card. Still in my purse, in case I ever need identification.”

Sheila Ramsay: “Ruperts was my life in the late ‘70s and ‘80s.”

Graham Thompson: “First bar job was in Ruperts exactly when the pic was taken in ‘85. Thrown in at the deep end - Thursday night quarter-price drinks until midnight. Total mayhem.”

Claudia Wallace: “Met my husband there 42 years ago. Should have stayed in that night!”

Gill Woodward: “My mam worked in Ruperts, glass collector and bar and cloakroom.”

… loving them all!

Steve Appleton: “Started at the Cat and Ruperts. Lived in Banwells, then later Victors. Then my clubbing days were over.”

Paula Jobson: “Ruperts, Banwells and the Chelsea Cat, great times of brilliant nights out. I’m sure I remember Tuesday nights at Banwells it was 15p a shot? Work on a Wednesday was never the best.”

Agnes Noble: “Ruperts and Chelsea Cat back in the day, loads of special memories … well ones I can remember.”

Diane Robertson: "Chelsea Cat when I was underage nightclubbing, then an odd night at Ruperts as I was a Buddy’s nightclubber until it closed.”

Stephen Sharpy Wilkinson: “De Niros, Coyote Wild, Oz, Limelites, Buddy's, Escape, Roxanne’s in that order.”

And the best of the rest …

Anne Anderson: “Has to be the La Strada, simply the best.”

Ken Campbell: “Karlo’s Kabin, used to be in Keppel Street.”

Catherine Elliott: “Golden Slipper.”

Chris Houston: “Oz was my fave.”

Margaret Meling: “The Cellar Club.”

Edward Rutherford: “The Tavern at Crossgate.”

Kerry Wales: “Victors was my second home.”