Rare cine shows footage Her Majesty the Queen on visit to South Shields in 1977

Take a look at this rare cine footage of a visit by the Queen to South Shields.

This memorable cine clip from 1977 takes us back to those Silver Jubilee celebrations which we remember so well.

Have a look at the crowds which lined the pavements to catch a glimpse of Her Majesty’s car as it went past. They waited patiently for a very special moment in South Tyneside history.

Later, the Queen can also be seen as she waves to her adoring public.

Scenes from the rare cine clip of the Queen in South Shields. Photos courtesy of the North East Film Archive.

We have the North East Film Archive to thank for the footage which is part of their massive library collection.

The clip is one small part of a bigger film which was originally recorded in 1977 by Ken Wright.

The royal motorcade gets our attention as well as Queen Elizabeth II waving at the waiting crowds outside South Shields Town Hall and along John Reid Road.

The film then shows a street party taking place in Wharton Street with long tables laid out in the road and the street. We would love your memories of it all.

Memories of the Queen in South Shields 45 years ago. Photo courtesy of the North East Film Archive.

If you think this cine footage is a wonderful reminder of South Tyneside’s past, why not have a look at even more on the NEFA website?

Its team has painstakingly taken on the task of preserving, cataloguing, and digitising these vital collections of reminders of our past.

People are also being reminded that a 55-minute film called Seen To Be Believed is available to community groups, cinemas, local authorities and other organisations.

Silver Jubilee celebrations in South Shields. Photo courtesy of the North East Film Archive.

It takes an affectionate look at how the people of Yorkshire and the North East celebrated coronations, jubilees and royal visits through the decades, and has clips from South Tyneside and Sunderland.

Find out more about the pricing structure and book your rental of the screening at http://yfanefa.link/seentobebelieved

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The North East Film Archive operates over two regional sites: Yorkshire Film Archive, based in York, and North East Film Archive, based in Middlesbrough.

The Queen and Prince Philip at Gypsies Green Stadium.

Interested people can find out more about its work and collections by visiting the archive’s website online here.