16 South Shields delicacies everyone in the town should have tried at least once

We may not have any Michelin stars, but our great seaside town has many delicacies on offer - admittedly not all of them healthy, or vegan-friendly.

By Ross Robertson
Monday, 11 February, 2019, 16:26
South Shields specialities

From guilty pleasures to seaside classics, here's a look at 16 foodstuffs almost everyone in South Shields has tried at some point:

Or seafood sticks or whatever it is were supposed to call them now. Fishy, rubbery, and containing absolutely no crab (though they are designed to look like a little crabby). Theyre a guilty pleasure for many a Sanddancer.
Whether it was a knickerbocker glory or a 99, almost everyone in South Shields has sampled the wares from South Shields legendary Minchella & Co. These days we also have Toney Minchella to add to the town's ice cream offer.
Probably served to you by an older relative who bought it from the doorstep delivery service. Its a classic North East firm, whose tea comes shipped in to our own Port of Tyne.
Every culture has its own bread. This is ours. The heavy, stodgy wonder stuff is far more than just a big bread bun, and is used as a vehicle for all manner of wondrous fillings.
The legendary saveloy is classic in its own right. Stick it in a bun with stuffing, pease pudding, perhaps some mustard, and the dip (a kind of gravy?) and youve got a dish fit for kings.
A traditional one-pot wonder of potatoes, onions and bacon. Once a make-do meal, its seeing a resurgence, appearing on the menu of some of the regions top restaurants - and often found on the specials board at Souter Lighthouse.
Its not quite a curry mile, but the strip of Indian restaurants running along Ocean Road is a Mecca for lovers of spicy food. Almost everyone in South Shields has indulged at one time, even if it was just a takeaway.
Whatever your poison, the surroundings of our wonderful historic pubs add flavour, zest and character. Though the locally brewed beers available do come highly recommended.

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One of the towns most iconic brands, churning out all sorts of meaty favourites. Among its most famous are its pork, mince and steak pies, which have provided a quick meal for many South Shields folk over the decades.
As a seaside town, where would we be without our chippies? And weve got some of the regions best - as well as fresh fish coming into the Tyne every day. Its hard to imagine anyone in Shields never having tucked in to a portion.
The happy medium between an ice lolly and a drink. Perfect on a day out at South Shields seafront, whether its baking hot or sub zero.
The North East-based bakery chain has diversified into all manner of options these days, but its humble pasty remains a classic. Clean-eating gurus may recoil in horror, but weve all treated ourselves at some point.
Youll have had it, even if you werent sure what it was. This thick, earthy foodstuff - made from split yellow peas - is a go-to sandwich filling, most often to accompany ham. Perhaps in a stottie?
Lees in Stanhope Road is where those in the know get their baked goods, with amazing fresh cakes, breads and savouries.
It may be enough to make your dentist weep, but this woven delight tastes just like magic.
Sadly no longer with us, but those over a certain age will remember the perfect crisps, the brilliant adverts, and the slogan canny bag of Tudor. The company was a pioneer of new flavours, including tomato ketchup and chocolate