How to raise money for NHS charities by scrapping your car

A car scrapping service is offering drivers a way to ditch their old banger during lockdown and support NHS charities at the same time.

Scrap Car Comparison is inviting motorists with a clapped-out car to help raise funds for NHS Charities Together by donating some or all of their profits via its charity partnership.

Motorists who are considering scrapping their car can use the website to find the best deal for their vehicle then choose to donate all or just a portion of the payout to the charities supporting NHS staff during the coronavirus outbreak.

NHS Charities Together is a membership organisation that brings together more than 250 NHS charities around the country and accepts charitable donations on their behalf. The work of this collective includes a national COVID-19 Urgent Appeal to support NHS staff and volunteers caring for patients with coronavirus.

Challenging time

Dan Gick, founder and owner of Scrap Car Comparison, said: “It is an extremely challenging time for everyone, but one thing that hasn’t failed to fill us with hope and admiration is the incredible work of all NHS staff on both the frontline and behind the scenes.”

“We are proud to support NHS Charities Together and want to say a big thank you to all NHS key workers who are working selflessly and keeping the country running.”

During lockdown, Scrap Car Comparison is offering a contactless quotation, booking and collection service that follows government guidelines on social distancing. Anyone who wants to donate their scrap car to charity can use the service to get a quote and then decide how much, if any, of the proceeds they want to divert to NHS Charities Together. It will then automatically be donated to the charity once the vehicle is collected.