Nuna Tres car seat review

Kids grow up fast and car seats are now compulsory, in one form or another, until your little one is, well, not so little. Up to 12 years old or 135cm tall, to be precise. So it makes sense to invest in a car seat that will be suitable from the point your child moves from the baby seat/travel system stage to the point they no longer need one at all.

The Nuna Tres all-in-one car seat is one such design, suitable from 0 to four-years-old in rear-facing configuration and four to 12-years-old forward-facing, it’s feature-packed, easy-to-use and attractive to look at - at least until it gets smeared with jam.

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Easy installation and highly adjustable

I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t baffled by the 43-step installation diagram - I was completely flummoxed for at least 10 minutes. But then I realised that the reason there are so many different steps is because the instructions are a step-by-step for every possible configuration.

That established, I paid attention to steps 23 onward for the forward-facing set-up and had the seat installed in under five minutes.

The ISO connectors for the Isofix base unit come with two little bits of plastic that act like cheek retractors from a dental surgery - but for your car cushions. They might sound unnecessary but they take some of the fiddliness of installing Isofix clamps away.

In rear-facing configuration, the seat is fitted using the car’s three-point harness and so avoids the bulky tripod many rear-facing Isofix seats need, and which can make choosing a car seat a challenge for drivers of some small cars.

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Like all multi-stage car seats the Tres comes with various cushioned inserts to ensure the seat fits snugly whichever stage your little one is at.

While the inserts unpop from buttons and Velcro like most others, I was impressed when it came to tucking away the built-in five-point harness used for smaller children. The straps and buckle fold behind a  compartment behind the seat back and under the seat respectively. It’s a speedy process and means there is one less thing to lose in the loft once your kid moves on to the next stage.

With six recline positions, a ten-position headrest and adjustable shoulder width, there should be a combination that ensures your child is comfortable and safe at every stage of their development.

Side impact protection provides added security for the head, body, and hips by distributing the force of any impact around the car seat and away from the occupant. The feature turns on and off at the push of a button, and it’s easy to disable on the inside if you need the middle seat for a passenger.

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Highly adjustable and easy to use the Tres car seat is a good option for families looking for a seat that will last them until their child no longer requires a car seat. My three-year-old’s previous car seat bothered her under her legs and at the shoulders when we tightened it to the level required, whereas she is much more comfortable in the Nuna model and we’re content she is securely fastened.

The clever design of the Nuna seat even earned the Tres a 2020 Red Dot award for high design quality.

That design quality comes at a price however, and the Tres is no budget product with an RRP of £350 putting it at the pricier end of the shelf.

Product specifications

Price: RRP £350

Age range: 0-18kg, 0-4 years old (rear facing), 15-36 kg, 4-12 years old (forward facing)

Product dimensions: L 47- 52 x W 48-59 x H 61-82 cm

Product weight: 9.51 kg