Vote: Should drivers face a fine for parking on the pavement?

Do you think councils should have the power to fine motorists who park on the pavement?
Drivers face 70 fines for parking on the pavement - do you agree?Drivers face 70 fines for parking on the pavement - do you agree?
Drivers face 70 fines for parking on the pavement - do you agree?

London is currently the only part of the UK where motorists are banned from parking on pavements, with a £70 fine for those who break the law. Discussions are ongoing as to whether or not a similar practice should be rolled out across the rest of the country. Do you think motorists should face a fine for parking on the pavement?

The plan has received a mixed response - but the Department for Transport expects to be able to reveal its conclusions later this year following a period of gathering evidence.

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Here's how you reacted to the idea on social media:

Paigey Hood: "Good luck with fire engines and ambulance getting to properties then cause the roads are too narrow for cars to park fully on the road while still allowing traffic to go through the street."

Claire Campbell: "If people park on the both sides of some roads not mounting any curbs this would narrow the roadway preventing safe passage for vehicles pedestrians and emergency vehicles. However cars that are fully on paths is unnecessary and dangerous."

Jennifer Daly: "Good .... you are all moaning about it but I pay council tax to walk on that path if I put [something] on that road other than a car and it was in the way you would tell me to move it [because] you pay the tax for your car to go on that road so you are entitled to be on it!

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"Roads are there for a reason ... for cars! Keep them off the path ... my kids do it and I’m always complaining about it."

Paul Comb: "Nowt worse in my wheelchair being pushed by my wife and you can't get passed for some ungrateful get has parked on the pavement not nice when I can't even walk as I have multiple sclerosis not very nice."

Nichola Devlin: "I think some (not all) drivers need to remember that paths are for walking on and not there personal drives. I drive and do often park on curbs to prevent blocking the road, but always leave enough space for wheelchairs and buggies.

"I know how frustrating it is trying to walk along a path with a wheelchair and not been able to and many a time I've had to push my disabled son on the road. People just need to be aware of how much space they need to leave and actually leave it or risk having car damaged."

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Vivian Cameron: "Definitely behind this plan. We have a major problem and grass is churned up by persistent drivers collecting children from nearby school. Try getting out of your car when it’s churned up and raining."

Karen Boll: "They'll have to widen streets or create driveways for people, as if people park their cars outside their homes on road vehicles won't be able to get through, especially emergency services."

Lucy Wiffen: "Don't see the problem parking on the pavement unless they have blocked it then yeah I understand but sometimes you haft to half park up just to stop people hitting your car from other drivers."

Anna Maven: "Good I might be able to push my twin pram along the pavement instead of in the road in future - hurrah!"

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Sandra Connolly: "Agree in principle, but some streets are so narrow emergency vehicles wouldn’t get through if everyone parked on the road.

"Many streets were there long before everyone had cars, so it’s a modern problem. Hopefully all new estates being built now are taking this into account when designing the streets."

Karima Ayre: "Pavements are for people not cars, unfair if someone in a wheelchair is unable to get passed or mothers with pushchairs."

Pat Wilson: "Yes it’s hard getting out of my street [because] cars park on the pavement and you have to edge out onto a main road ... waiting for an accident to happen, there has been a few misses."

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Steve Dutton: "It’s just another way to fleece Joe Public of cash."

Victoria Clarke: "If you pay road tax and council tax then why get taxed for parking half on half off a curb outside your house ... these people will probably always know that they have to give way either side for pedestrians and other cars or emergency vehicles they not thick! So why fine them!"

David Frank: "Or £100s in repairing scratch damage."

Julie 'bluelash' Watkin: "What about disabled people like my mam. My dad needs to park on the pavement to be able to get my mam out of the car. Not all people who park on pavements are ignorant they have no choice."

Jennifer Ryan Trathan: "We need the powers to be to realise that we have a public transport system that is worse than they have in some third world countries so a car is essential for lots of us. They treat us as though they are doing us a big favour by allowing us to own a car and pay a small fortune in assorted taxes for the pleasure.

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"It is obviously too much to ask that we have convenient parking and pothole free roads, unreasonable.drivers that we are."