Asda is selling a Christmas dinner in a box that serves 8 people - for less than £15

Christmas is now only a matter of weeks away, so it’s time to start thinking about getting your festive food ordered in time for the big day.

If you aren’t a fan of cooking from scratch, or just want to avoid the hassle this year, Asda has launched the perfect alternative - an entire Christmas dinner in one meal box.

Less than £15

The supermarket is selling all of the staple food items for a Christmas dinner in a bundle that can serve eight people.


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The meal box includes the main festive essentials, from a Turkey breast joint to roast potatoes, and it will only cost you less than £14.90 for the lot - amounting to just £1.86 per person.

The box contains five items in total for a main course, but you’ll have to pay for any extras such as sauces, desserts, and drinks, unlike similar dinner meals at rival supermarkets.

While it does only include the basis for a Christmas dinner, Asda’s meal box is by far the cheapest on the market and serves the most people.

Tesco is selling something similar, but the festive meal box is priced at £35 and only serves two people. Although it does come with a dessert, Christmas crackers, and a bottle of bubbly.


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Meanwhile, Morrisons’ dinner box will set you back £50 and serves four. Similar to Tesco, this meal deal includes all of the trimmings like cranberry sauce, pigs in blankets, and seven items for dessert.

What do you get?

If you’re looking for a Christmas dinner on a budget, here’s what you’ll get in Asda’s bargain meal in a box:

Bacon topped turkey breast jointPork sage and onion stuffing ballsCrispy roast potatoesReady to roast parsnipsShredded mixed cabbage


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Asda’s delivery costs are priced between £3 and £5.50, depending on the time and day of your slot.

There is an additional £3 charge for delivery orders for less than £40, or £25 for click and collect orders.