South Shields ice cream parlour Minchella & Co launch vegan milk chocolate 'flake'

Vegans in South Tyneside are in for a treat as a popular ice cream parlour launches a chocolate ‘flake’ free from dairy and animal products.

South Shields based ice cream company Minchella & Co launched a full vegan and dairy-free menu back in June to meet increasing demand from customers.

Now they have added the iconic chocolate flake to their repertoire with a new product which was introduced in their parlours on Ocean Road and Sea Road, South Shields last week.

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Their team of ice cream artists has been working extensively over the past few weeks to perfect the recipe for the flaked vegan chocolate, after there were calls for the introduction of more vegan products from their customer base.

South Shields ice cream company Minchella & Co have launched a vegan chocolate 'flake' for their dairy-free range.

Each ‘flake’ is made individually by hand, from a tried and tested recipe which includes a secret brand of dairy-free milk chocolate which bosses have refused to reveal the identity of.

Minchella & Co production manager, Jonnie Halling said: “We’re out of summer season now, so we have got a bit more time to develop recipes and we believe our results have produced an excellent handmade alternative to milk chocolate, that is brittle and crisp enough to accompany all of our dairy-free ice-cream products.

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“We have developed the original concept we created earlier this year, accepting the fact that there was room for improvement, and have researched chocolate making techniques to enhance the original offering.”

Jonnie added that the response to the initial vegan and dairy-free range which included traditional favourites such as the knickerbocker glory made from dairy-free Madagascan vanilla ice cream has “exceeded expectations”.

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Luke Minchella prepares the Minchella & Co vegan knickerbocker glory

“Since we introduced the vegan menu there have been calls for more products in that line,” he continued.

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“It has far exceeded what we thought it was going to be when we launched it.”

And since the flaked vegan chocolate looks set to hit the sweet spot too.

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“It’s too early to tell what the response has been like on the sales side of things, but from the interest on social media people are pretty excited about it,” added Jonnie.

The Minchella & Co vegan and dairy-free menu
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The flaked vegan chocolate is now available in tubs, cones and sundaes at Minchella & Co’s parlours in South Shields.