Some dog breeds are more likely to give somebody a nip - or worse - than others.

Dogs that don't bite: These are the 10 breeds of dog that are least likely to snap or nip - including favourites the Boxer, Labrador and French Bulldog

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new family pet, but are concerned about the safety of younger children, here are the breeds of dogs that are least likely to bite.

During the pandemic the number of people looking for a dog increased by 8% according to figures by the Kennel Club.

But choosing a dog is not a decision to take lightly, particularly if you have young children to consider.

According to the RSPCA all dogs are born with “inherited tendencies that might, if not controlled, make aggressive behaviour more likely”.

If your new dog does begin to nip or bite, there are a number of ways you can discourage this behaviour, including; time-outs, mouthing (loosely taking hold of the lower jaw) or a taste deterrent (coating hands or gloves in something unpleasant to the dog).

Which ever method you adopt, always make sure you praise them when they let go.

However, there are certain breeds who have temperaments making them less likely to be aggressive than others.

Here are the 10 breeds of dog that are least likely to bite.

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