LIFE IS LOVELY: Having a cold can take its toll on a little one

As the weather is turning colder, it is the time of year for viruses, and there is nothing worse than when your little ones are poorly.

I’m sure all parents will agree that when your little one is poorly, it certainly takes it toll on them but us grown-ups too.

As we are in the mist of cold and flu season it was only a matter of time before he’d be hit with the bug and sure enough last week he started to show signs of the cold.

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He started with a snotty nose that was running like a tap which soon turned to a temperature and sleeping more than usual. The cold had hit him, and if it had hit him it was coming for me next as I seem to have a weak immune system and of course after it was finished with him it came for me.

Get well soon.

As a parent, it’s not nice to see your little one feel under the weather and unsettled. It’s rare he has any naps during the day now, but because he was feeling poorly he was having a nap then waking up in such a bad mood still feeling tired because of being unwell. Trying to settle him was challenging but he eventually calmed down.

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The magic Calpol always seems to do the trick when children are poorly. It helped him with his cold and got him feeling better in no time and thankfully the cold didn’t keep him up during the night which surprised me given how stuffy his nose was each morning he woke up.

Plenty of water and ice lollies also done the trick to keeping him cool and making sure he got fluids down him when he wasn’t so keen on eating anything.

Being poorly makes you tired

He’s all recovered from his cold now and I’m thankful it wasn’t too bad for him because twisty toddlers are not fun to deal with.

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I’d love to know what your go to medicines are when your little one is poorly, is Calpol your life saver – or do you have some of your own home remedies that cures all?