LIFE IS LOVELY: Spending annual leave having fun with a toddler

A week of having fun and making memories was the perfect way to spend my annual leave.

Working full-time and having a toddler can be challenging when you want enjoy activities together but simply do not have the time due to work.

Whilst there is always time on the weekends to take Elijah out and spend quality time together the weekends often come and go so quick it is back to Monday morning again with another week of work ahead.

However, with a week of annual leave booked in it was an ideal time to make the most of being off and enjoy some fun with Elijah. After all the next time I will be off work will be when I head on maternity leave so we made the most of the time we had together.

Elijah playing on the digger at the farm

I tried doing as much as I could during my time off whilst working around some appointments and a night away for our wedding anniversary but nonetheless Elijah and I still got up to plenty of activities.

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Our week off together was filled with swimming, playgroup, a walk along the beach, playing at the park. We finished off with a trip to the farm although he much preferred playing on the diggers and tractors than visiting the animals.

His face was filled with so much happiness during the week as he was exploring and getting to take part in so many things compared to a normal week.


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Getting ready for the pool

It also reminded me that you do not have to spend a fortune to entertain toddlers, just playing football in the garden or riding their bike in the park is still a fun experience for them. It’s about the quality time you spend with them not the money spent on them.

The activities we did together during my week off didn’t break the bank and Elijah thoroughly enjoyed each one. As a parent all you want is to see your child happy and healthy.

When you work full-time you appreciate when you have time off work to relax and enjoy things you don’t normally get a chance to do during the week.