LIFE IS LOVELY: The newborn stage is definitely easier than the toddler stage

If anyone has told you the newborn stage is hard, wait until you hit the toddler stage – it's a whole different ball game.

As a parent of a two-year-old you can only imagine the ups and down faced by a toddler who doesn’t fully understand boundaries or why he can’t drink the bath water.

I feel like the newborn stage went over so quick and it’s true what people say “they don’t stay little for long.”

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Fast forward just over two years later and I have a crazy toddler running around, talking, playing and exploring the world around him.

Newborn v toddler stage

As we prepare to welcome another baby later in the year I’m looking forward to the newborn stage spending hours holding them and watching them sleep.

For any parents yet to hit the toddler stage in comparison the newborn stage is an absolute breeze and I didn’t realise it at the time.

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You are constantly kept on your toes with a toddler and you really can’t leave them alone for five minutes without fear of what they’re getting up to. The latest escapades of toddler life happened just a few days ago when I went in the kitchen to empty the bin.

I thought Elijah could be trusted to play with his toys for a few minutes but I was so wrong. I returned to find he’d put a towel down the toilet and dragged it through the sitting room. This was not a fun situation as for me as you can imagine.

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The thing with toddlers is they will literally test your patience and try anything as they’re curious and a little mischievous but that’s part of growing up.

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This is why sometimes I’d welcome the newborn stage back at the drop of a hat. No tantrums, no bizarre messes to tidy up and no running round chasing after toddlers who think they’re competing in the 100m sprint.

Whilst the newborn stage was much easier and less stressful, it goes without saying the toddler stage is still fun as you watch your little one learn new words and develop their little personality.

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It’s incredible just how much they change in a short space of time and in all honesty I wish I could keep him little forever.