These are the cats who are still looking for a home at the RSPCA's Sunderland, Hartlepool & South Tyneside Branch.

Meet the cats at the Sunderland, Hartlepool & South Tyneside Branch of the RSPCA still looking for a new family

Despite an uptake in adoption during the pandemic, some poor pets are still looking for their forever homes.

Are you looking to welcome in another member of the family? Look no further.

The local branch of the RSPCA which cover the Durham Coast, Wearside and South Tyneside have some cuddly cats which may be right for you and your household. Only three cats remain at the site with two animals having been reserved in recent weeks, and they could be perfect for you and your family.

If any of these lovely animals catch your eye, you can find out more about them on the branch’s website or by emailing [email protected]

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